Code of Ethics


Engineering Consultancy Services make significant contribution to Sustainable Development of the Nation, and in safeguarding health, happiness and safety of the Society.

For the Nation and the Society to derive maximum benefits from the Engineering Services, it is essential that, in addition to being of high technical standard, these services are of the highest universally accepted moral and ethical standards.

With a view to achieve this objective Consulting Engineers Association of India (CEAI) has framed a “Code of Ethics” which is mandatory for all members of the Association to follow.

This Code presupposes that every member of CEAI is basically a law abiding, truthful, honest, fair and just citizen of the Society. In addition, the member must follow directives of the Code in his/her Professional Practice.




Each CEAI Member shall:

Responsibility to Society

  • ensure that his/her professional service safeguards and enhances health, happiness and safety of the Society.
  • ensure that his/her professional service upholds the principles of environmentally sustainable development.
  • refrain from expressing in Public an opinion on a professional subject unless he/she is sufficiently informed on the facts relating to the subject.

Responsibility to Profession

  • at all times, uphold the dignity, standing and reputation of the Profession.


  • maintain knowledge and skills at levels consistent with development in technology, legislation and management, and apply due skill, care and
  • diligence in the services rendered to the client.
  • refrain from performing any services unless competent to perform the same.


  • act at all times in the legitimate interest of the client and perform professional services with integrity and faithfulness.
  • act with fairness and justice between his/her client and the vendor in all matters pertaining to contracts.


  • be impartial in his/her professional advice, judgement or design.
  • not accept remuneration which prejudices independent judgement.
  • inform the client of any potential conflict of interest that might arise in the performance of the commission.

Relation with Other Consultants

  • not directly or indirectly injure or attempt to injure the professional reputation or practice or prospects of another fellow professional.
  • not associate in work with a professional who does not conform to the ethical practices laid down in this Code.
  • not try to supplant another CEAI member in any particular employment nor attempt to intervene in work of any kind which to his/her knowledge has already been entrusted to another professional.
  • not review or take over the work of another CEAI member for the same client, except with the consent of the second member, unless he/she has been notified in writing by the client that such engagement or the work which is the subject of review has been terminated.

Relation with Clients

  • not disclose confidential information concerning assignments or technical process of client without his/her consent.

Relation with Employees

  • endeavour to provide opportunity for the professional development and advancement of professionals in his/her employment.

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