Mr. R. S. Sharma
President CEAI



President's Message

Dear Members and Friends,

Chandrayan-3 has projected and demonstrated India’s technical capabilities worldwide. There will also be other challenging projects which require innovation or even some tweaking that our consulting engineers are involved with. Such works also deserve recognition and ought to be publicised so that all know about the capabilities of the consultants in India.

In line with that CEAI invites submissions for conferring awards for Excellence in Project Engineering and Excellence in Engineering Innovations from Organisations (Large and Medium/Small size) as well as from Individual Consulting Engineers. The proposals for the same be from CEAI Members or those of other Associations or even non-Members. All are earnestly requested to take stock of the works done during the relevant period and submit them to CEAI for consideration of an award.

ASPAC has also recently announced awards in three categories, the details of which are also given in this Newsletter.

FIDIC also offers awards of excellence for Projects in the Consultancy Sector for which the proposals are required to be submitted through CEAI. Consulting Engineers are requested to identify the projects of specialised nature which may pass the rigours of an international competition and send the details to CEAI to keep track for the next announcement by FIDIC. For any assistance, please contact Director CEAI.

These awards of recognition hold great significance in an evolving society like ours. They acknowledge and celebrate excellence, inspire others, and promote healthy competition across various fields. From recognising individual accomplishments to elevating the reputation of organisations and even countries, awards have a far-reaching impact.

You may also be well aware that CEAI apart from the monthly Newsletter brings out a quarterly journal, ‘VIEWPOINT’. The theme for each quarter is predefined and available in the Newsletters. All are requested to send articles on the theme. These articles also serve to project the capabilities and the experience of the consultants in India. The theme for the September 2023 issue is ‘Consultancy for Rural Area Development. All are requested to include writing a paper in their work schedule and send it to CEAI.

CEAI in Association with the Services Export Promotion Council (SEPC) is organising a Conclave on 15th September 2023 in New Delhi. SEPC is always willing to help where there are opportunities for exporting services to other countries. Hon’ble Minister of Commerce Mr. Piyush Goyal takes a keen interest and is always helpful in enhancing the export of Engineering Consultancy services. All are requested to register for the event and take part in the deliberations to project Indian capabilities in consulting engineering.

Warm regards,

R S Sharma

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