Issues Affecting The Engineering Fraternity

A meeting of the representatives of some engineering associations was held on 25th July 2014 at CEAI Centre, New Delhi. The President CEAI had earlier circulated an updated ‘Note for Engineers’ on 23rd July 2014 which explained the issues and the situation that had arisen due to the Public Notice on 20th May 2013 by the Council of Architecture which sought to mislead the public at large vis-à-vis the provisions under Section 37 of the Architect Act, 1972 and the actions taken by some of the associations as well as  the order issued by MHRD vide F No 4-22/2014-TS.VI dated 01-05-2014 for setting up a committee to finalise the amendments to the Architects Act, 1972 in which no engineer had been nominated. The discussions also centered on the Engineers Bill and the piquant situations in which the Engineers are placed in the absence of the Engineers Bill. The Record Note of the meeting had been circulated to the Engineers. The issues deliberated were of great importance since they impacted the engineering fraternity. The line of action suggested was by strengthening the representation of engineers through joint associations and creating a fund for taking forward the issues legally at different fora. Some of the members have already responded positively.

The names of the association and individuals, working in Capitals of States and Union Territories, who had expressed their willingness to be on the panel of the Engineering Associations who are willing and ready to locally take up issues relating to the Engineering fraternity are given below. 

Presidents/ Chairmen of associations or individuals in Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Bihar, Assam, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Goa, Andaman & Nicobar Islands who are volunteering to join the panel for fronting the issues affecting the engineering fraternity may please get in touch so that their names and contact could be added in the list given in ‘Matters Relating to the Engineering Fraternity’.

Three documents viz.

‘Note for Engineers’,

‘Successfully Meeting Challenges Facing the Engineering Profession’, and

‘Record Note of Meeting of Engineering Associations held on 25th July 2014’ can be seen on the link provided in this website.

In addition to the list referred to earlier the member associations of the Engineering Council of India are requested to sensitise their members regarding the need for the enactment of the Engineer’s Bill and to support this petition. The list of member associations is reproduced below from the ECI website:

  1. Association of Consulting Civil Engineers (India)
  2. Broadcast Engineering Society (India)
  3. Computer Society of India
  4. Consultancy Development Centre
  5. Construction Industry Development Council
  6. Consulting Engineers Association of India
  7. Indian Association of Structural Engineers
  8. Indian Buildings Congress
  9. Indian Concrete Institute
  10. Indian Geootechnical Society
  11. Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers
  12. Indian Institution of Bridge Engineers
  13. Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering
  14. Indian Institution of Plant Engineers
  15. Indian National Group of the IABSE
  16. Indian Society for Non-Destructive Testing
  17. Indian Society for Technical Education
  18. Indian Society for Trenchless Technology
  19. Indian Society of Agriculture Engineers
  20. Institute of Urban Transport (India)
  21. Institution of Mechanical Engineers (India)
  22. International Council of Consultants
  23. Mining Engineers’ Association of India
  24. The Aeronautical Society of India
  25. The Automobile Society (India)
  26. The Indian Institute of Metals
  27. The Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, Inc., India Council
  28. The Institute of Marine Engineers (India)
  29. The Institution of Civil Engineers (India)
  30. The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineers
  31. The Institution of Surveyors
  32. The Institution of Engineering and Technology (India)

Support the Petition for Engineer’s Bill

The stalwarts from our profession have been pursuing the cause for the benefit of all engineers for almost four decades. Since August 2014 a successful campaign is in progress at

Engineering professionals are requested to support the campaign at any of the websites of their choice, as our GOALS are common – to garner support for the enactment of the Engineer’s Bill.