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Steel Authority of India

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The steel industry battling low steel prices, increasing competition besides other challenges brought in other issues like low financial growth resulting in lowered employee morale and thus the need to get cracking was the reason for them to engage with us.  Our intervention at the junior executive and middle level management included making them address their weaknesses & core strengths, value that great synergetic teams convert adversities and opportunities into success. As they were facing a bit of a turbulent time their confidence was at its very low. The task involved us restoring their emotional balance that would take care of their awareness, attitude thereby building self confidence so that they start believing in themselves in order to set the ball rolling.  At present those people who have undergone our training are inspiring their colleagues who now understand the power of working as one team. 


Bonheur worked with the middle level and upper mid-level executive teams to help fortify people performance. Our efforts have been proven to produce immediate measurable outcomes for SAIL while ensuring long-term results. Executives who attended our training mentioned that it was a life time experience for them and they are eagerly looking to use the skill attained through our training.  [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]