CEAI celebrates National Safety Week


The first National Safety Day (NSD) Campaign was established in 1972 to commemorate the Council’s Foundation Day, March 4th, and has been held every year since. With the active assistance of the Central and State Governments, as well as the media, the Campaign has evolved into a significant national campaign widely celebrated by industry, trade unions, government departments, regulatory agencies, NGOs, and institutions. It has had an impact on the national industrial scene by contributing to enhanced safety awareness and accident reduction. The NSD Campaign, which began on March 4th for a single day, has now been extended for a week, from March 4th to March 11th.


Goals for National Safety week by CEAI


The major goal of the Consulting Engineers Association of India’s campaign is to renew employees’ and the general public’s resolve to work safely throughout the year. The Campaign’s ultimate goal is to guarantee that OSH is integrated into work culture and lifestyle.

The main goal of CEAI is to build a safety, health, and environmental culture in the workplace and to incorporate it into the workplace culture.

The following are the main objectives of the Consulting Engineers Association of India in relation to National Safety Week:

  • Assist in the integration of safety and health into the workplace culture and lifestyle.
  • Employees’ commitment to workplace safety and health should be renewed.
  • Employee participation in OSH activities should be increased.

CEAI’s main approaches to National Safety Week are as follows:

  • Obtain the highest level of employee participation.
  • For the party, enlist the help of your factory’s local talent.
  • Focus on your unit’s OSH requirements.
  • Local OSH issues should be identified and highlighted.
  • Distribute OSH advertising materials to the workforce.

Moreover, Consulting Engineers Association of India (CEAI) aims to remind employers, employees, and others that they all have a role to play in keeping the workplace safer.

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