Engineering consultants play a vital role in nation building. It is sometimes visible to the mass and other times their work is behind the scenes. Let us take an example of healthcare infrastructure which emerged as one of the prime necessity during the pandemic. The permanent and temporary hospitals were erected in record time to meet the requirements and engineers from various disciplines played a significant role in turning the visions and ideas into reality.

There are numerous brilliant examples of consulting engineers and consulting engineering organizations who have helped India to bring, evolve and adopt innovative technologies and practices so that world-class infrastructure and technological development is incessantly taking place. Moreover, many consulting engineers are providing their services to other nations as well.

The Future Leaders’ Forum and Engineers Go Social under the aegis of Consulting Engineers Association of India (CEAI) are making an attempt to look into how these consulting engineers are shaped into what they are. In that context, the Forum is bringing four practicing consulting engineers as the panelists in the upcoming interaction session on 18th November 2021.

Often a professional in the initial phase of her/his engineering career, or a graduating engineer from any institute comes across the projects, challenges and implementation related reports. However, there is an entire gamut of stakeholders who play their role in executing the projects. There are numerous ideas which never see the light of the day as those were not found good enough or feasible at some stage. It is another world which would have been seen only through the eyes of those involved in the process, and that is quite exciting. A consulting engineer is flooded with such scenarios and thoughts and derives delight in bringing optimal solutions.

What is it all about being a consulting engineer? How is it different from being an engineer in a public body? What are the common challenges? Which skills are helpful if one is engineering consultant? Are their certifications required to practice?  How to know which organizations are good to work with? What motivates a consulting engineer and which aspects they enjoy the most? And the list of such questions goes on.

Join the webinar on 18th November 2021 and listen directly from the four panelists and two moderators who are all working in different places and different projects but have something in common. Ask directly your questions and dive into the world of consulting engineer’s world for some moments. We are sure you will come out with some valuable perspectives which would be helping you in career.

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