Intelligent transport system for Road safety

Intelligent transport system for Road safety


In India, one of the developing countries with a high risk of road accidents and fatalities due to ever-increasing traffic congestion, an Intelligent Transport System project has been implemented, with the goal of achieving a 50% reduction in road accidents/fatalities by 2025. This new project is one method of improving road safety by providing drivers with real-time information about road conditions, thereby improving the reliability and safety of the road network during the journey. All necessary information related to traffic, unfortunate accidents, slope failures, soil conditions, and more is provided to drivers in real time before they begin their journey through a specific route – this not only improves safety measures but also reduces costs and saves time.


Key Application Areas for Intelligent transport system for Road safety by CEAI


Key Application Areas for ITS


In India, one of the most important applications of ITS is in travel and traffic management. Intelligent signaling, controlled by video sensors, is used in SMART Cities. Intelligent transportation systems have been used in public transportation for seamless coordination and better operation management. BEST in Mumbai and UPSRTC in Uttar Pradesh are two examples. Information management has been focusing on customer management and providing better services to make travel easier. Finally, electronic payments have grown by leaps and bounds in India, making transportation more convenient. The government of India’s introduction of national mobility cards may aid in gaining traction in this area.


Including Government authorities


To have a significant impact on this project, each step that is necessary to achieve the goals must be taken. Government authorities should be included and actively involved in developing this Intelligent transportation system project by clearly defining the objectives and plan to work on the project’s strategy. The government should create a short-term plan to support the long-term vision and mission of improving road safety and traffic congestion management.


Create Awareness


It is also critical to disseminate information and raise public awareness about this project. To disseminate knowledge of these new technologies, manuals can be distributed that serve as a guide for training the staff who manage these systems as well as making the general public aware of this new technology’s benefits and outcomes.


Use of Latest Technology


Investing heavily in technology and the practices required for such a project is critical if it is to have a significant impact and achieve the project’s goals. Correct and up-to-date technology should be implemented into these systems, and significant investment should be made in their operation and knowledge sharing, as it is also imperative for the staff to better understand its operation in order to support it externally for better results.


Emerging Trends in ITS Application by CEAI


Emerging Trends in ITS Applications:


Integrated fare management is one of the emerging trends that offers solutions to both commuters and transportation system operators. It enables in fast, secure, and convenient transactions by simplifying cash management. Smart parking is also becoming more popular, and it typically obtains information on available parking spots in a geographical area. This has aided common users in obtaining real-time information and status on available parking spots, thereby saving time.



Connected vehicles are being introduced, in which a vehicle can communicate with other drivers on the road using a variety of technologies. This can aid in improving energy efficiency and lowering crash risk on the road. Another emerging ITS trend is autonomous vehicle technology, which is aiding in the reduction of crashes, energy consumption, and pollution. It is also making it easier for people who are disabled to get around.

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