Steps to be taken to improve safety on the road by CEAI

Steps to be taken to improve safety on the road


How can the number of victims of traffic accidents be dramatically reduced? Through a method where the most fallible and vulnerable road user – the human – is the focal point of the whole traffic planning and road infrastructure. Road safety is a multi-sectoral and multi-dimensional issue requiring a multipronged approach at various levels. In this article, we summarise the important steps you can take to improve safety on the road.


Steps to improve Road safety by CEAI


Steps to Improve Road Safety

The greatest worry of the century undoubtedly is road safety. It is now even more crucial to adhere to traffic safety procedures and comprehend traffic laws. In addition to following the laws and regulations, you may take a few safety measures to prevent accidents and catastrophes while enjoying yourself on the road.


Law Enforcement

Rules of the road keep drivers safe. Thus everyone must abide by them. Unfortunately, many drivers disregard and violate these guidelines, most commonly by speeding, driving while intoxicated, or violating another traffic law. This is where the majority of accidents occur. Consistent enforcement of these regulations will assist in reducing the number of road accidents.


Use Seat Belts

Using seat belts keep you safe and secure inside your car after a crash. If you don’t wear your seat belt, you could be thrown into a frontal air bag that opens quickly. Such force has the potential to hurt or even kill you.



Maintain your Vehicles

Take some time out to maintain your vehicle regularly. This will give you an indication of planned repairs and keep your automobile in good working order. Examine the essential fluids and the condition of the parts. Check the tyres, the primary point of contact with the road. When you have a that is in good condition and its parts function properly, the likelihood of a traffic accident diminishes naturally.



Invest in a Good Helmet

Helmets are the most crucial driving safety equipment for protecting the head and brain. Therefore, it is critical to invest in high-quality helmets. This ensures quality, safety, and security. A decent helmet meets all standards and never skimps on quality assurance. A top-quality helmet covers the entire skull, front and back, protecting your head from injuries.



Carseats Are Necessary

Child seats give children additional protection. These work best when utilized appropriately. Child seats are not frequently used in India, which needs to change. Vehicles with suitable car seats are required. The fatalities on Indian roads each year make them among the world’s most hazardous. Using child seats will reduce the numbers and protect the kids from terrifying situations.


Obey Traffic Rules by CEAI


Pay Attention to the Electronics Safety Electronics

Safety electronics include ADAS, ABS, traction control, lane assist and blindspot monitor. Make sure that these functions are not turned off. These safety electronics are good at preventive measures and have actual instances where they have saved lives. Active systems give the driver safety systems to avoid or mitigate pre-impact accidents.



Drive in Lane

Lane driving is one of the safest methods as you are not crisscrossing the roads and moving ahead, overtaking other drivers. Do not take the risk that you can not control yourself; drive in a lane, and have a safe driving experience. Ultimately, driving in a disciplined manner is always more than reckless driving.



Stick to the Road Limit

By following the prescribed speed limits, you will get the opportunity to make smooth turns. However, sudden jerks and actions can change the direction of the vehicle. If your vehicle is under control, you can easily manage these unexpected situations and casualties on the road.



Finally, everyone has a responsibility to promote road safety and take steps to stop the millions of avoidable traffic fatalities that happen every day. Governments must also make sure that pedestrians and users of the road are safe on the transportation network, particularly by implementing measures like dedicated cycle lanes, sidewalks, and the provision of emergency care for crash victims.

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