Women in leadership role for Engineering consultancy sector

women in leadership role

Women in a leadership role? When one thinks of an industry dominated by men, tech, cyber security, and construction industries would probably be the first ones that would cross one’s mind.

Only 9% of the total 10 million employees in the construction industry are women. Among this 9%, they mostly were part of administrative and office departments. This being said, the number of women holding managerial positions are even lesser.

issues face by women in this field

This clearly indicates that women face a lot of issues in these fields.


  • Safety measures

Almost all the safety measures and equipment are designed considering men in mind. This makes it unsafe for women to work in the said industry as compared to men.

  • Discrimination in salaries

The disparity in pay for women has more been pointed out in many industries. Considering the construction industry, women earn 95.7% of what men make in construction. Women of color are paid much lesser than an average white man in the said industry. Women of color earn only 81% as compared to an average white man.

  • Lack of Guidance

The lack of women in the construction industry is a major issue and has led to a vicious cycle of lesser women being available to encourage younger women to take up work in this field. Women holding senior positions in a workplace environment would not only encourage younger women but also make a much more comfortable working environment. This ideal scenario would typically mean the human resource is managed well.

Why Women should join the Construction Industry:

  • Leadership Roles

Women have a scope in the construction industry, especially at the leadership level. This is so because women holding senior positions can encourage and motivate even more women to join. This would also mean that the human resource is well managed. This would mean that women wanting to build careers in the construction industry will have a greater at all levels in the hierarchy.

  • Higher Income Potential

Women working in trade, commerce and construction industry tend to receive a higher pay than the women working in the other industries. Women in the construction industry earn 30% more than the women working in the female dominated careers like administrative assistants and child care, and compared to these the scope of growth is a lot higher in trade and construction industries.

women in the construction industry


  • Labor Shortage in the Industry

It is estimated that the need for construction workers is expected to grow to over 1.6 million people in the next five years. This opens up the door for opportunities for high-paying, stable jobs for women in the sector and fulfills the labor crunch which the sector might face going forward.

  • Developing a passion

Working in construction helps the women to receive the feeling of achievement of being able to build something from the ground up. It also develops a passion for building which shouldn’t be limited to just men. This passion is a further developed passion if one is constantly finding new ways to rethink the living or working spaces.

  • Practical Skills

The construction sector helps to build skills like team building, managing a complex project, and working with technology & tools and learn quick adaptations needed for daily challenges with a better understanding of the sector. These skills can be applied to other sectors and careers as well.

Impact of Female Leaders in the Sector

The construction sector has experienced a growth of 15% of construction executive officers who are women in the past few years which is the highest gain across any industry. This surge has come from only 7% of construction executive officers were women back in 2010. The number of female leaders rising is helping in the empowerment of the women in the sector  and here are a few things they are doing for the transformation of the field:

  • Changing Company Standards

Female leaders focus on eliminating the challenges other women face in construction. They overcome these challenges by participating in female recruitment efforts, promoting the retention and advancement of women, and push for better benefits.

  • Mentoring Other Women

These Female leaders can also provide guidance for their community and serve as a valuable resource for their peers. The leader plays an important role in inspiring their careers and encouraging them to advance in their careers.

  • Inspiring a New Generation

The new generation of construction leaders are inspired by the presence and accomplishments of the female leaders around them. The new generation girls could see that construction isn’t just a career for the boys.

  • Increasing the Bottom Line

The construction industry is facing various challenges like productivity and labor. This provides a growing space for women to enter the field.

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